Rules & Regulations


The school functions five days a week (Sunday to Thursday) from 7:20am to 3:30pm. Students at Kindergarten finish school at 11:30am and grades 1 to 10 finish by 1:30pm. Grades 11 and 12 finish school at 3:10pm.

Attendance & Punctuality

The school is strict about punctuality and attendance and any lack of it must be supported through adequate show of cause.

Discipline & Decorum

Students are expected to maintain right order and decorum throughout the school hours, discharging appropriate respect and decorum where it is due. Any unsolicited behaviour towards the staff and other students in the school will be met with strict disciplinary actions.

Uniform & Turnout

A student is expected to be dressed in a manner commanding respect and dignity where due modesty is met in adherence to the laws and customs of this land. Appropriate school uniforms must be worn during school hours. Hair, nails and other physical attributes must be properly groomed at all times and strict action taken if not adhered to.

Mobile phones & Social Media

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in school and the use of social media is strongly discouraged in order to avoid unwanted distractions and if done so under the strict supervision of their parents.

Fees Payment

The school fees must be made before the 10th of every month at the school cashier counter.