Vision & Mission

Education is a lifelong learning process and the foundations matter. Making the best of human life, the art of good living, depends on the goals set, attitudes formed, skills and talents developed and the training given. The desire to succeed and excel should emanate from the conviction to serve a purposeful mission. A good teacher identifies the skills and strengths of a child and caters to his/her individual concerns. When the master mentor touches, the seemingly mediocre individual performs exceptionally well. The love and attention given in inculcating and churning out the best in a child, bears rich fruits that eventually contributes to a successful society. We at the Emirates National School strive to churn out every child to the best of their potential and provide the portal through which an individual child explores the immense capabilities of exercising the inherent skills they possess and acquire.

The Emirates National School was founded in January 1980 with the intention of serving the cause of Nation Building, to lead men and women into the knowledge and love of God and to transcend that love to other individual beings.  We empower students to channel their gifts, resources, skills, knowledge and attitude to contribute positively to the society. The mission of shaping a community’s quality of life is to be carried out by the youth trained and molded by educational institutions established on principles striving for excellence. Let us join hands in creating role models with innovative ideas and vision to work for the betterment of humanity and fulfilment of God’s plan for them.