The Emirates National School


We at kindergarten understand the significance of a good foundation in a child’s learning stages and initiate the process of learning by laying down a good and strong base. Our curriculum CORNERSTONE is molded bearing in mind the different learning aspects of the toddler and approaches the learning process by inculcating the notion that “learning is fun”. We believe that through fun tools, early challenges in learning can be quickly bridged and a desire to learn effectively inculcated in them.

We introduce important civic sense, moral values and effective interpersonal skills at this early stage, in order to ensure its is firmly embedded in them right from a very young age. Our approach to teaching has been through mediums of love, respect and care, as we have observed students pick up on our habits and actions much faster, learning through the process of imitation.

Learning Objectives

Creative Development

Understand and enjoy art forms-Music, dance, songs and other creative coordinated movements. Express and construct thought and ideas through structured speech and art forms. Develop and expand imaginative skills through visual and audio tools.

Interpersonal Development

Develop self Discipline, Manners and Ethics, Respect towards other individuals and cultures and manage emotions Develop good team participation dynamics; team working ability and performing tasks and goals within a group. Form effective communication skills in speech, gesture and body language.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Understand, interpret and pronounce right sounds for alphabets, shapes, patterns, objects and numbers. Recognize, read and write alphabets, shapes, patterns, objects and numbers.

Physical Development

Develop acquaintance with physical environment and enhance physical skills through outdoor activities, tasks and exercises. Build coordinated mind and body skills through building block tools, LEGO blocks, Play Dough, soft toys and other play-learn tools.

Subjects Taught

English, Mathematics, Environmental Science, General Knowledge, Art and Craft, Value Education and Physical Education.