Grade 1&2

The Emirates National School

Bricks & Mortar

We at the lower primary section ensue the child’s learning process by building on the foundations laid at Cornerstone (our kindergarten curriculum) and cement the learning objectives met at kindergarten. Bricks & Mortar, our lower primary curriculum, focuses on the child’s ability to learn through the medium of “activity centered learning”. Our key objective in the lower primary section is to begin the process of thinking and help develop “critical thinking” in the child. Through methods of problem solving and choice determination, we introduce decision-making skills and enable them to develop their mind to reason and use logic in the process of learning.

We expand on General awareness and knowledge through traditional taught subjects and combine activity-based learning along with the traditional teaching method to enable easier and better learning acquisition in the child. All long, we endorse on the general ethos of the school attitude towards learning of a strong value based system, ensuring a holistic development in the student.

Learning Objectives

Deductive and inductive Development

Develop problem solving, decision making, critical and lateral thinking skills. Participation of activity based learning in order to enhance logical reasoning through group tasks and exercises.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Develop, Understand, interpret and pronounce right sentences, grammar and vocabulary in three main languages Understand and use basic mathematical concepts in problem solving exercises

Interpersonal Development

Develop self Discipline, Manners and Ethics, Respect towards other individuals and cultures and manage emotions Develop good team participation dynamics; team working ability and performing tasks and goals within a group. Form effective communication skills in speech and gesture Body language

Creative Development

Understand and enjoy art forms-Music, dance, songs and other creative coordinated movements. Express and construct thought and ideas through structured speech and art forms. Develop and expand imaginative skills through visual and audio tools.

Physical Development

Introduce physical exercise movements and help athletic ability through light aerobics and yoga. Introduce sports and games through ball coordinated movements. Enhance motor skills through cursive writing and four line coordination.

Environmental and General Awareness

Built awareness of local surroundings, world and natural environment. Understand basic civic and natural laws, world cultures, historical events, personalities and world systems.

Subjects Taught

English, Mathematics, Arabic, Hindi, Environmental studies, Islamic Studies, Value Education, General Knowledge, Art and Craft and Physical Education. We have periods allocated for Library and English Copy writing to help augment their literary skills.