Grade 11&12

The Emirates National School

The Plus-2 Section (Grades 11 & 12), comprising the Science and the Commerce Streams of study for boys and girls, is motivated in moulding the students for a larger purpose in life. The final two years at school are crucial as the 'End Product ‘of an educational process takes shape. The guiding principles and objectives of the school are synthesized with the persona of the students to enable them to be true ambassadors of their Alma Mater when they step out of its safe confines to face the challenges of the world.

Academic excellence is of primary importance and the promising results of the past years have established our credentials in equipping our students to be placed in reputed institutions for higher studies.

Along with accomplishing themselves academically, the students are trained to imbibe a strong obligation towards duty and discipline in life, self-esteem and respect for others, a firm resolve to treat all human beings with dignity and equality and above all, an undying closeness with God. In fact, God-consciousness, all-inclusive love and service to humanity form the cornerstones of our system of instruction. To develop well-meaning and committed individuals with accountability to God, integrity and moral uprightness who can be instruments of positive social change.

Science Stream - Subjects / Subject Code

English Core - 301 Mathematics - 041 Physics - 042 Chemistry - 043 Biology - 044 / Computer Science - 083

Commerce Stream - Subjects / Subject Code

English Core - 301 Mathematics - 041/ Computer Science - 083 Accountancy - 055 Business Studies - 054 Economics - 030