Grade 9&10

The Emirates National School

At the Secondary level, the school follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi laying emphasis on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual development. It is also based on continuous evaluation and assessment of both the Scholastic as well as the Co-Scholastic areas.

Learning Objectives

To promote holistic learning and enhance the holistic development of the learner based on strong values. To create a joyful and an interesting learning environment where curiosity and creativity are aroused and the latent potential in the learner is nurtured. To develop certain values, attitudes and necessary competencies or skills to lead a meaningful and productive life. To make the process of teaching and learning a learner-centred activity with the teacher as a facilitator. To train the learner to be socially committed and to bring him/her closer to God.

Our vision is social transformation through the classrooms by training the students to be disciplined both of mind and body, to lead a value oriented life, to be spiritually enhanced and socially committed and to use the knowledge acquired as well as experiences gained for the betterment of society. Our mission is to create good citizens possessing sound health, appropriate skills, desirable personal and social values, right attitudes besides academic excellence.

Subjects Taught

As far as the Scholastic areas are concerned, the subjects offered at Grade 9 & 10 level are English Communicative, Hindi – Course B/French, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. In addition to these subjects students have to learn Arabic, Islamic Studies (for the Muslim students) and Value Education.

The Co-scholastic areas comprise Life skills (Thinking Skill, Social Skill and Emotional Skill), Work Education (Computer Studies, Cookery, Craft Work etc.), Visual and Performing Arts (Drawing, Painting, Collage making, Clay modeling, Music, Dance, Drama etc.) and Attitudes and Values. The Co-curricular Activities include Literary and Creative Skill (Departmental & Literary Club activities, skits, debates, declamation, recitation, creative writing, reading books, poster making etc), Scientific skills (Science & Maths Club activities, Exhibition, Science & Maths Olympiads, Project work, models etc) and Organizational and leadership skills (Eco club, Health and Wellness Club, Servants of Humanity club etc.)

The Health and Physical Activities include sports and Games / Indigenous Sports and First Aid.