Department of English

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English is the medium of instruction in school and therefore imperative to our teaching/learning approach. Our objective is to instruct students in mastering the four language skills , (listening, speaking, reading and writing) along with nurturing their cognitive, analytical, creative and interpretive skills.

We approach the study of literature with the view of helping students understand, enjoy and appreciate the subjects different genres and inspire them through works of great literary poets, writers and playwrights. Teachers within the department constantly strive to improve the students ability to grow in the subject through various teaching tools, along with helping them enjoy and appreciate literature. Emphasis is laid on value-based learning and we use literary works to highlight its significance.

The English department of our school comprises twenty qualified and committed teachers. We are responsible for developing the literary talents of the students by organizing different literary activities and programmes in the school throughout the academic year.

Objectives of Teaching English in Grades 1 and 2

Enable students to develop an understanding of spoken English. Attain a basic proficiency in the use of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Develop oral reading skills and age appropriate vocabulary. Develop competence in speaking English with clarity, correct intonation and pronunciation. Develop their thinking skills. Write sentences using proper grammar and punctuation marks. Develop the values inherent in the textual material.

Objectives of Teaching English in Grades 3 to 5

Build on developing the four language skills Use effective strategies to comprehend unfamiliar words Understand the importance of using the correct structure of sentences and develop consistency in the use of tenses. Develop their vocabulary by using dictionary effectively while encountering a new word. Speak clearly and confidently and develop their thinking skills appropriately. Organize their ideas and write correct sentences with correct spellings and punctuations. Develop the values conveyed through the different literary genres in the prescribed text.

Objectives of Teaching English in Grades 6 to 8

Enhance higher language skills and use of sophisticated text. Interpret, analyze, infer and evaluate the different literary pieces and passages in the prescribed texts. Express and respond to a range of ideas and opinions clearly and appropriately. Use appropriate style and structure to communicate ideas and thoughts. Develop their creativity and to express themselves in writing concisely, clearly and appropriately. Enrich their vocabulary and make it a part of their communication and writing. Inculcate values inherent in the textual material.

Objectives of Teaching Computer Science in Grades 9 to 12

Mature language skills to highest proficiency levels with respect to linguistic proficiency and communicative competence Comprehend and communicate correctly and meaningfully through listening speaking and writing. Structure creativity through appropriate tools of communication and express their ideas using their own experiences, knowledge and imagination Develop their critical thinking skills by allowing them to develop their own point of view after reading and listening to the variety of textual material. Develop sophisticated communication skills through the acquisition of higher vocabulary uses and pruned grammatical skills.