Department of Value Education

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The present educational system lays a lot of importance to the teaching of value education as an important subject in the School curriculum. The value education classes aim at developing the necessary skills and values which will contribute to the holistic development of the students. Now a days, due to the influence of the media and other factors, there is a gradual deterioration in values among the children. So it becomes important for schools to inculcate the right values in students and enable them to understand what is right and wrong. That’s why now value education has been integrated in the school curriculum with the aim of imparting the right values in the right spirit in schools.

Keeping these factors in mind, the teachers of the value education department of the school try to highlight the need to develop certain values like faith in God, discipline, compassion, humility, gratitude, love etc. through the various class activities like role plays, power point presentation, discussions and brainstorming sessions. Through the different school activities and the regular morning school assemblies, students are taught the need to inculcate and develop certain values and principles that will enhance and enrich the quality of their lives and of those around them.

The Servants of Humanity club formed under the patronage of the Value Education Department aims at making our students more socially committed in their lives. The teachers of the Value Education department along with the other teachers are working together to enhance the moral & spiritual quality of our students’ lives and enable them to lead meaningful and fruitful lives.