Department of Computer Science

The use of computers has drastically impacted our life since its inception in the 1950's and a world without it is incomprehensible as we continually grow to be dependent on them.

Department of English

English is the medium of instruction in school and therefore imperative to our teaching/learning approach. Our objective is to instruct students in mastering the four language skills , (listening, speaking, reading and writing) along with nurturing their cognitive, analytical, creative and interpretive skills.

Department of Hindi

The Hindi language (Hindi course B of the CBSE curriculum) is taught at ENS as a compulsory subject from Grade 1 to 10. Its relevance in the 21st century is unprecedented considering India's increasing prominence in the affairs of the world today and the changing nature of India's stature in influencing current world political trends.

Department of Islamic Studies

In Emirates National School we teach Islamic studies to bring children closer to the Creator and through that inculcate good moral values in them. In Islamic studies we teach the basic principles of Islam, the Holy Qur'an, Hadiths, the stories of different Prophets, the different acts of worships, good morals and ethics etc.

Department of Mathematics

Education is imparted for achieving certain ends and goals. Various subjects of the school curriculum are different means to achieve these goals. Apart from enabling the students to acquire essential mathematical knowledge, skills, interests and attitudes, the teaching of mathematics has to help the students in many ways.

Department of Science

The prime objective of this department is to make children feel the importance of science in daily life which in turn will trigger in them curiosity to learn more. Science is life itself and a social transformation is possible only through science and scientific thoughts, as it would remove the darkness from the minds of the people.

Department of Social Studies

Social Science is an integrated study, which draws its content mainly from various disciplines such as geography, history, political science, economics, sociology etc. Together they provide a comprehensive view of society-over space and time, in relation to each other. Each subject has distinct methods of enquiry that help the learners understand society from different angles and from a holistic view.

Department of Value Education

The present educational system lays a lot of importance to the teaching of value education as an important subject in the School curriculum. The value education classes aim at developing the necessary skills and values which will contribute to the holistic development of the students.