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It is often said that a picture can replace a thousand words. It is for this reason why education through films is becoming a widely discussed topic in schools. The students often retain a visual treat in their minds better than the facts lectured in a boring class. This is proven to be true with our students too since the formation of the Film Society in our school, we have seen students engage in discussions about topics taught in class more after they watch something related to their curriculum.

Film is often a means to motivate reluctant readers to engage themselves in visual representations of texts. Almost daily, educators in any middle or high school can be found using news reports and documentary segments for teaching. Films are an excellent medium for giving meaning to theories and concepts. The visual and auditory effects of the film can convey a message better than the printed or audio forms of communication. Showing film scenes before discussion gives students a recallable visual image to which they can compare the topics under discussion. This approach allows quick reference to examples shown in the film. Films offer rich opportunities for comparisons in several ways. For example, scenes from films made in different countries offer comparative views on different cultures. These videos help transport students mind to different locations world wide giving them the opportunity to study first hand things done in different places, that cannot be done in a class room. This also helps in students gain interest in a subject or topic they wish to learn.

As part of bringing about innovative changes in the methods of teaching, a Film Festival was organized by the Film society of the school under the Social Studies Department. The students from grades 1 to 10 were shown different movies relevant to their topic. This programme conducted for the first time in school was highly successful as the dual purpose of education and entertainment was met helping both students and teachers alike.

The film society also plans to use more visual mediums in school to assist during teaching to make the learning experience a rich and cherished one. We hope with the support and cooperation of our teachers and students we are able to make learning enjoyable and meaningful at the same time.