School life

The Emirates National School

Today’s classrooms are no longer confined to the four walls of a room but to the portals in the distant corners of our world. Today’s student processes far more information than any other generation of students have and the process of learning is a ceaseless journey where he/she is constantly challenged to innovate and adapt.

We understand the importance of effective learning in a student and take it beyond their classrooms. Our school life is centered around various activities conducted throughout the year where students are given the opportunity to understand and explore fields that interest them through our mediums of clubs and societies, cultural events and exhibitions.

Our Students are divided into four houses in order to inculcate a healthy spirit of competition, sportsmanship and team building and reward them on their performance in various inter- house events conducted throughout the academic year.

Opportunities are provided for students to participate in educational tours and events to enhance the learning experience beyond the available scope of learning in school.